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Insurance and Rented Homes

When it comes to the word insurance, one of the first few things people have in mind is either life, home, or car insurance. And when it comes to your dwelling place, almost always, people think about homeowners insurance.

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However, not everyone has a house they can call their very own. There are those who prefer to live in rented dwellings such as apartments and condominiums. Like homes, these can also be prone to tragedies such as fire and lighting, windstorm, vandalism, theft, accidents, and more. How then do tenants protect their rented homes?

Fortunately, renters insurance is there to cover for them, and it is something provided by insurance companies such as yours. With an ever growing number of young adults trying their luck in the world, out on their own, it’s no wonder there is an increase in tenants, and therefore, a growing demand for protection. Your company has answered the call to respond to the need for renter’s insurance while Proweaver answers your need for a website that helps you market your renter’s insurance services to your customers.

Get Clients Online

One of the best ways to tap into this reservoir of potential renters insurance seekers is through the internet. With the entire globe connected through the World Wide Web as it is, your insurance company will greatly benefit from advertising online.

There are two general ways you can advertise on the internet: put ads in websites (especially social networking sites) or set up your own insurance website. However, putting ads on websites won’t be as effective unless you have your own website to link the ads to, and here is where Proweaver can help.

Proweaver is a web development services provider. We create websites for companies and businesses of various kinds, with the insurance industry as one of our fastest growing accounts. Our services include:

  • Your website launched in a matter of days – two weeks at most
  • Website layouts and designs of your choosing
  • Website graphics of your choice
  • Proof-reading for currently existing information about your company
  • Generation of additional text contents and information to be posted on your website
  • Your own domain for life! (, yours at no monthly charge)
  • A website free of ads

At Proweaver, we keep you at the helm of creating the website. Although we do the work for you, we follow your directions, as relayed to us by our friendly customer service representatives, whom you will be in constant contact with. We want to make sure we give you the web design, layout, and color scheme that suit your tastes and reflect your insurance company’s unique brand – and most especially, appeal to the many renters seeking renters insurance on the internet.

Proweaver is comprised of experts in the field of web development including web layout designers, graphic artists, web programmers, and content writers. Together, we work with you to insure that your company hits the right target audience and receives the amount of traffic you need. Tenants need not seek company after company on foot just to get the appropriate policy for their rented homes. With your insurance company’s own official website, you can make it easier for potential clients by:

  • Making the insurance policy information they need available on your website
  • Giving them a background of your company via a Company Profile Webpage
  • Providing them with free insurance quotes through online forms
  • Giving them information on how to contact your company via a contact form or an appointment request form

Now’s not the time to wait. Now’s the time to act and reach out to those in need of your services!

Set up a website that will exclusively house all your company’s information. Invite customers to visit you online. Get them enrolled into a comprehensive renter’s insurance plan over your website.