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Seven Things Every Custom Web Design Should Have

Between print media and digital media, the latter has been proven to be more useful and effective. Online business versus offline business, the former or the combination of both showed to be very successful. So it is no longer an automatic advantage to have a digital company brochure or by owning a website. Almost every business has a website nowadays. To stand out among the crowd, you need to have a custom web design that is way better, more attractive and convincing compared to these others websites around the internet especially those that belong to your business rivals.

So which things do you need in order to excel above everyone else? Here are the seven things every custom web design should have:

1. A Real Logo

A logo has the purpose of representing something. It is an emblem of your company. And since your business tops everyone else’s, your logo needs to be equally top notch. It should proudly manifest the superior quality, professionalism, and excellence of your company. Proweaver creates the kind of logo that could define your whole magnificent company even in the absence of the entire website. We design you a logo that encompasses the great things in your company. We make logos that are catchy, very easy to remember and truly very remarkable.

2. Attractive Graphics

Of course who would want to check out a really dull looking website? By dull and attractive, we measure that through your clients’ and audiences’ preferences, interests, and tastes. Because if we measure it through our own perception of beauty, we possibly could be the only ones attracted to our own creation. By basing your custom web design’s graphics and other visuals to what your customers and viewers want, your website is less likely to become failure. We use colors, font styles, animations, themes, and other visuals that fit the desires and interests of your customers and target audiences. This for sure grabs the attention of the online community.

3. Great Layout Design

A great layout design is something that is not only appealingly embellished but as well intelligently designed. The layout’s beauty goes deeper than the graphic aspect. Proweaver creates layout pages consistently and systematically which ultimately leads to the next thing every custom web design should have.

4. User-friendly Page Navigation

By properly and excellently designing the layout and other portions of the custom web design, convenience is what’s brought to your website. Your website graphics captured the attention of your clients and audiences, now the custom web design created by Proweaver makes your site visitors feel at ease and pleased. With such user-friendliness, people would feel great about exploring your site and likewise feel great about your business.

5. Informative Copywriting

Your custom web designs captures the attention of the people through your graphic designs and made them stay through your user-friendly navigational system, now they should be even more convinced about your business through your website’s copywriting. Every custom web design does not only need a written web content jam packed with information. Sometimes people do not need all that details. Proweaver knows how much info is necessary depending on the kind of business, its situation, its audiences, its location, and other important factors. No matter how lengthy or how brief your custom web design’s copywriting may be, we never fail to create a totally engaging and persuasive web content.

6. A Contact Page

So you lured the people in viewing your site, and convinced them to stay, you’ve persuaded them with your words, now they need to be able to contact you. Most likely curiosity and interest to your business develop. To respond to this, you should be reachable through phones, emails, fax and other contact means. That is why you need this very important contact page.

7. The Share Button

It does not necessarily have to be a button. It could be anything as long as portions of your custom web design or even the whole of it is shareable to social networking sites, through emails and other ways. What’s the use of an incredibly compelling website when people cannot share the bliss of it to his friends and his friends’ friends? Proweaver knows darn well that along your already very excellent business plus our exceptional creativity in making custom web designs, visiting your website is an ecstatic experience for people. And so we prepare your custom web design already with share-friendly features. This does not only make your clients and audiences happy but this in fact also helps you in your promotional stunts.

These are seven of the many things every custom web design should have. When you have these in a very excellent quality, you sure would obtain success in your business. You do not need to worry much about this. You don’t even have to memorize it. When you have Proweaver to create your company’s custom web design, your website’s excellence is beyond enumerable words.