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Six Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Better Than Website Template

Six Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Better Than Website Template

Businesses nowadays have very well adapted to advancements in technology and have learned to maximize modern resources to the optimum. Marketing has now gone from ground, air, sea, to web. Boundaries and limits have come to cease and now reaching out to our target market can now be very easy and cheap. Having our own website is one powerful yet affordable tool to reach and penetrate our market.

But the efforts we exert in putting up a website can only go as far as we plan it to be. Just like planning for a big marketing strategy, putting up a website also involves a lot of things and crucial decisions have to be made. These decisions can only be viable if they are based on correct information and sufficient knowledge. Just like in coming up with a web design, an owner or manager must know the best practices in how to use web design to call on an audience, create traffic, and engage patrons to be able to come up with the best web design fit for the company. We can’t just leave it up to chance. This is the same when we decide to have our own website. We have to decide on how to to build it: via a template, or an expert to customize it.

When deciding, we would have to know the pros and cons. This is where we would like to help you. Below are six reasons why custom web design is better than website templates.

1. Distinctive Versus Typical
When going for a web design, we would want it to embody what our business is all about. The fonts, themes, lay-outs, and tone of the whole ensemble should be able to speak of who we are and what we do. This is the great advantage when it comes to custom web designs. Since we can brainstorm with the designer, we can tell them how we want our site to appear and they, on the other hand, can give us their inputs. This will result to a website that is distinctive and remarkable to our audience rather than having the common and typical ones that they often see.

2. Specific Versus General
Different businesses have different needs for a website. Some would want more videos, images, infographics, or links; while others would prefer the minimalist look. With custom web design, we can give specific instructions for specific functionalities that we would want for our website. We have to remember that our target markets are not created equal. Different things would attract and interest them, thus, it is important that we can be very specific in reaching them and our web design is one aspect that can contribute to reach and traffic.

3. Functional Versus Impractical
When we have our websites done by companies and professionals, they can help us make the most out of our web design and content. We have to remember that our websites are there for a purpose and we can achieve those only if our website is built to serve those purposes as well. With the advise of experts, we can be sure that our website will be very functional in our marketing strategy and it will be search engine friendly because the guys that we will be tapping know these things better than us.

4. Adaptable Versus Limited
Every now and then there could be changes and innovations in our businesses, with custom web design, we can easily contact our designer and have our website modified at our request. We can make adjustments when we deem that one thing is not working or something needs to be added. Unlike templates where we are limited to work within the given designs, with custom web design, we have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our businesses.

5. Manageable Versus Impracticable
In the long run, website content management may be needed especially if a business is very dynamic. Coding jobs might be necessary and with our hands full on managing the business, we will not have the time to teach ourselves how to code a web page. At least, if our site is maintained by an expert, we can have our site upgraded or adjusted with just a call. No need to stress ourselves with coding and we can focus more on our business.

6. Versatile Versus Fixed
Some website templates are not built for all devices or browsers. A roadblock like this could hamper our marketing effort that will cause lesser productivity. With custom web design, we can request and make sure that our website would be versatile and will be viewed properly in any browser and through whatever device. This versatility is difficult to ensure when it comes to website templates.

Just like any other business matter, choosing whether we go for custom web design or website template is a very crucial decision to make. What we have to remember is that when we make a decision, we should not make it out of whim but instead we should be informed and, possibly, guided by those who know better. With the six advantages of using custom web design that we have mentioned above, we hope that we are able to help you make a good decision that will push your company to greater heights.

Six Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Better Than Website Template

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