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The Future of Web Design

The Future of Web Design

The technological advancements are inevitably unstoppable including everything else that works around it. This predictably includes our main highlight—web design. Web design has helped to engross people on the Internet. Most people all over the world deal with the fast-paced modernization of devices and software which greatly comprises the Internet to improve way of living.

The drawback is that it also taught us how to be more impatient. A common saying is that if you want to test the patience of person, try slowing down his/her Internet for a minute to see fast results. The more visible result of these innovations is the pseudo-neutral effect of the “ideal” life. To romanticize its effects is not the point of departure though.

What we are going to share is the future of web design. What are the common trends that are consistently on the top of the 21st century? How will web designers face this winding uphill? Check out the influences that shape the future of web design.

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity can make or break your name/business. The people of the 21st century are already exhausted with tons of information at work. They will not have all the time in the world to check out the clutter in your website and putting a lot of ads and textboxes all over can be a major backlash of letting the audience stay. Nowadays, you would notice how simple and organized websites can be. Complementary colors in different hues only saddle around the works of web designers.

    This is because the clutter will only confuse and dizzy your audience out and away from your website. Simplicity tends to be meant with a professional, formal and sophisticated ambiance on the website. But sometimes this can be boring. You can also try out Google’s Material Design for more ideas on how you can maximize user experience while having lightweight designs.

  • Immediacy

    These sites are made to be simple or flat because people want to get what they want fast. Simple domains are lighter and easy to load and this satisfies your visitors and users. Simple and flat designs are already everywhere. You have to adjust to that need for immediacy if you want to please and increase your visitors.

    Since people have gone impatient and preferred instant, you can also try responsive design that CSS image or JavaScript to avoid consuming too much weight on page loading speed. Although responsive design is still on the verge of addressing concerns in terms of optimization for mobile phones, they are most likely preferred for image loading.

  • Rebirth of animation

    Animation is back! With the help of technologies like CSS animation, you can make your flat designs still look as if it were a complicated system. You just have to make these animations create a format like an interactive storytelling for customers to be continuously guided.

    Embedding animation into blog posts have become more and more common for purposes like support the user experience and represent quality. Cinemagraphs are also another alternative in creating illusions of moving objects or person. It aims to set the mood and grab attention to the website.

  • Social media and Direct Email

    Social media has dominated the Internet world. From big names like Facebook and Twitter to small innumerable ones, going social online is the thing. The social media is one of the best ways to connect to new people and get sky-rocketing numbers of your audience.

    The social media has collected huge number of people in a single domain. The challenge here for web designers is how to get noticed among the millions of people and activities present especially in these big domains, how to come off natural in order not to scare people away from the discussion.

    And because of the social media saturation, some people find other sites for direct mail to get things done. Hence, you can also make use of this to your advantage.

  • Mobility: Website vs. Apps

    In the future, website and apps will lose their differences. Back then in the time of computer-first, cellphone-second is already long gone. Given that most mobile phones already contain the features of a computer, most people would already think cellphones-first! It is because of the factor of mobility that gave mobile phones a better chance than

    This is similar to website and apps getting the same features. For example, instead of booking flights through the website, most flights can be booked using your mobile phones instead. Time will come that websites will be similar to how Desktop PCs are slowly phased out in the market.


      To survive the rapidly changing world, all you have to do is adapt to the new era through having a custom web design website but balance the new knowledge with history. Expanding or widening your knowledge is usually overlooked by most people because what they do is that they tend to forget the past methods and styles and proceed to the new one. Partly this is alright but you should remember that the cycle of human taste goes in a cycle. It is better to stock old knowledge for later purposes.

      Sometimes the fast life also makes some people realize to slow down and enjoy the ride and in this slow ride, people will reminisce about the good old times. It is similar to the designs web designers have already done. You can mix and match, experiment the old and the new so that you can stay unique in the race of the cyber world.

      Think of more possibilities of how you can learn more about the future of web design—its trends and drawbacks— so that you can avoid falling into the deep and take advantage of opportunities. Never forget to show your taste in art and present that your taste can also revolutionize with time.


      If your work can transcend, then it can surpass different eons of perceptions to art. Always find art in everything and let it inspire your works even online!

How about you? What’s your take on the future of web design? Share it in the comments section!

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