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Three Things to Avoid in Your Custom Web Design

Three Things to Avoid in Your Custom Web Design

While there are things that effectively makes a website very successful, there are some things too that if overused or underused or used at all would lead your business custom web design to an unwelcome disaster. Well what disasters are ever welcome! Proweaver presents to you some of the things that mislead companies into failure instead of success so that you may effectively avoid them now or in the future. The safest way however, to never encounter these custom web design dilemmas, is by having your business website created by the experts—Proweaver.

For the mean time, here are the top three things you should avoid in your custom web design.

The Font

A website’s font is more than some style, art, or whatever. Remember that fonts embody the written content of the site. No matter how great your site’s web copywriting, if the text is barely readable, then it’s equally unattractive and annoying as the font.

You need to choose fonts that are:

  • Not too stylish, fancy, creative, etc to a point of being unreadable
  • Too big or too small
  • Blinking

The font is used in the logo, banners, captions, contacts and to many other parts of you custom web design so it has to be used and designed attractively but wisely.

Unwanted Perks

OK, you might think that it is a great help to website visitors to open a new browser window for them when they click on some items in your site. You’d think they would stay in your site and check out that other window. But no! Based on many people’s experiences and probably of yourself too, you barely even look at that new browser window and close it the moment it pops out. So, avoid opening new browser window for them.

Secondly, do not subscribe your site guests to your website or company newsletters and what not without their permission. You would end up blocked in their emails.

Thirdly, don’t make it a requirement to register to your website whenever someone visits it. Aside from people are very meticulous with regards to information and things of the like online, it is annoying and not so welcoming to visitors.

Fourthly, no music please! Many website creators take pride in integrating great music into their site. You feel awesome and convincing. But then again, remember that not everyone has the same taste of music as yours and many site visitors probably are listening to some songs already and when they get that confusion of what other thing is playing in their earphones, your site would most likely get closed instead of having that ‘off’ or ‘pause’ button clicked.

Fifthly, avoid fascist introductions. You’d think it would help your website visitors a lot in understanding your company, products, services, mission, goals, etc if they see first some videos, slideshow of pictures, testimonials, etc before they could navigate your site further. Blocking their entrance to your website with some sales talk would just alienate them rather than welcome.

The idea is, people are more pleased when they have a choice. So give them the control over their browser, subscription, registration, music, and interest in watching or reading great videos and articles from you. Through these they’d feel that convenience and joy that’s next to being loyal customers to you.

TMI (Too Much Information)

Well don’t get too carried away in writing very persuasive introductions and copywriting or designing too mysterious and deep graphics, layouts, logos, etc. Remember that you have a very few seconds to grab that netizen’s attention entirely. Once you capture his attention, you need to buy him more time that he would explore your site even further. So in the very short span of time, you should be able to get your message across in a snap.


  • Long pages
  • Horizontal scrolling (to see your whole custom web design theme or background or written web content)
  • Clutter of Badges, Ads, etc
  • Overuse of Flash (it could make your site load extremely slow)
  • Confusing visitors with too many versions or options in loading your site

It sounds quite tempting to fill one’s website with all seemingly helpful stuffs like lengthy web contents, large images, lots and lots of badges and advertisements, flash, and options. They seem to help impart message alright but they don’t help gather time or attention. What they may give to your website instead is annoyance and confusion. So make it as attractively simple as possible. However, if you need to put in lots of content, either for keyword density purposes or if you have multi-folds of articles to post on a regular basis, make sure to put the latest and/or the most important information where it can easily be viewed by your customers on your custom web design.

These are just some of the things that have to be avoided in creating custom web designs. There are an awful lot more. At least you know a bit now. To make sure anyway that you never waste time, energy, and resources on these unnecessary and failure-inducing things, you should have your business website created by the most vigilant and widely trusted custom web designer which is none other than Proweaver. With us, your website is certainly spared from these nuisances and is built solely of course with the proper materials of a successful business website.