Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing

Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing

Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing
In this so-called Internet age, is your business going with the times? We’re talking about digital marketing, the world of mobile phones and applications that make a business grow or diminish.

To stir the waters, consider the following statistics:

  • Mobile users are five times more likely to leave their current task with a website if it has no mobile counterpart.
  • 96% of users of smart mobile phones have been into websites that were not designed for mobile gadgets.
  • 79% of users who don’t like what they’re experiencing in a particular website will go searching for another website.

Those are just 3 out of 30 vital data on how crucial a user’s experience is in regards to the marketing strategies of businesses online. While this information has been presented in 2015 yet, imagine the figures in the years that follow. According to this global overview, the extent of Internet usage worldwide is already more than half of the total world population largely because of smartphones which have easy access to the Internet. So what does this mean for your business? Everything. You don’t just set up an affordable ecommerce website design, but you also have to make this work in mobile phones, and allow the users to experience it satisfactorily. Losing that vital element of user experience is tantamount to letting your business go. We know you don’t want that to happen.

As professional web designers, we have immersed ourselves enough in the digital world that we know how the online marketing works best or against you. If you don’t go online where most of the people are, you’re really risking the life and future of your business. Hence, we put high value on UX (user experience) in everything we do. If you’re sharing the same sentiment, then you have set your sights high indeed. That’s good because we can help you.

But let us tell you first why UX matters in digital marketing. Here are important factors that every user looks out for:

  • Engagement

    Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect client. Whether you need a particular product or not, you will naturally have questions when something is being introduced to you. There should be that little amount of curiosity that would want to be satisfied. When users ask something about you business or product, they would want answers right away – not later or tomorrow. The instant culture has seeped into our system that most of the time we can’t wait for something to be done for us. When your user experiences quality engagement from your business, when they receive real-time answers to their questions, it’s safe to say you have them engaged. With a steady online presence, engagement like this is possible.

  • Attention

    In every business, the spotlight has to be on the clients if you want the business to thrive. They are the users of your product or business after all. In other words, they require your attention to their wants and needs. In the digital market, users have short attention span. If you can’t give them what they want when they want it, they will just close your website and move on to another page. And that was just one lost client there. Imagine if this happens every day every year. That will be such big loss, right?

  • Usability

    When a website has provided the user’s needs, it has given them usability. The relevance of your product or service to the present concerns of the user will make them want to go back to your place again and again. Take for example a home care website design. Family caregivers who are looking for experienced staff who can handle their caregiving duties as they take a break will naturally look up for these kinds of services. If you’re a homecare provider with a website but has no mobile interface, you can’t surface in the mobile world of that prospect client. You have not been useful to these users in other words. That’s how essential usability is in attaining a quality user’s experience.

  • Loyalty

    When a user keeps on coming back to your website, it means that you have earned their loyalty. In this world where information comes aplenty, and online resources are sprouting every day, loyalty is such a gem. If you have a steady stream of loyal clients, you would want to take care of them. Enable that loyalty factor to gain ground by providing more and higher quality of service. When your clients experience this in your online facility every time, they will tag along other would-be loyal clients.

  • Business growth

    Definitely, a high quality of user experience will equate to profitable business. At the end of the day, this is where your efforts of satisfying clients and meeting their needs would go to. With that business growth comes more opportunities to help others through employment, business partnerships, and provision of products and services. When your business grows, you also grow not just in marketability, but also in business maturity.

The user’s experience cannot and should not be underestimated. Their overall experience will reflect how productive or relevant your business is. What your clients say will have to be attended to. If they give feedback, you have to take time in considering these. The voice of your clients should have a place in your business.

It is our intent at Proweaver that every company we work with can provide quality user experience through excellent web design services. Our digital profile has been so satisfactory that our own set of clients has quality user experience and so they keep on signing up for more. Our clients know that we always look out for their best interests business-wise. They can see and feel it in the digital marketing that we assist them with.

If you’re looking for better ways to appeal to your clients through quality online experience, let us help you. Set an appointment with us so that we can plan together how your business should propel online hereon. Contact us anytime.

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