Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views

Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views


The new rage that has taken over the internet over the last 5 years has been the proliferating increase of great video content squeezed into roughly about a minute to keep things short yet interesting.

To enhance the quality and increase the viewership of your videos, you need to bring your video production skills up a notch to keep up with competitive video makers who are taking the internet by storm with high quality videos and extremely captivating video content.

  • Brainstorm For Ideas
    For you to come up with epic original content, brainstorm for ideas with your team and gather information from focus group discussions or from online forums to get inspiration for your next video production. In the words of Charles Caleb Colton: “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. But if you are entirely copying another video that is not for any comedic purposes, then that is something else. You have all the entitlement to get inspired from any kind of source, it can even be from a line that your mother said to you this morning. Just make sure that you do not copy someone else’s content so you can create one that is originally yours.
  • Set Things Right
    When you start filming for your next video production, choose your set with care. You want to fascinate your audience with real and detailed video content that uses real materials and good backdrops.
  • Character Counts
    You want a video with natural actors, so make sure you cast the right people who can handle the gist of your video content. Actors who can naturally deliver their lines and act professionally in front of the camera will make your video production a lot quicker and smoother.
  • Light Things Up
    Whether you have indoor or outdoor shoots that have low lighting, elevate the quality of your video production by adding enough light on the set. A 3-point lighting system will greatly help still shoots that do not require much movement in a set.
  • Use Searchable Titles
    Go for easy to search yet clever titles that people can easily remember. Easy titles are the best way for people to search them on social media or on search engines. Keep it direct and simple.
  • Read The Caption
    Provide your videos with captions just in case you have viewers who have disabled their audio. But videos with captions will still benefit those who play videos with sound on because it still gives viewers the readable information about the video. People will like your videos. Everybody wins.
  • Watch With Sound
    Another key player in video production are your sound and media elements. The auditory components that give more impact to your video make the viewing experience of your audience more engaging. Suggest them to “watch with sound” when they view your videos. Adding soundtracks and smart musical scoring will make your videos more memorable, just like how infomercials have earned their success, all thanks to their iconic jingles. Give viewers something to share and talk about.

Tips to make your videos have even better quality:

  • Booms And Tripods
    Create a stable video shoot for your video production by using tripods and booms. You can even create a makeshift boom that is a less expensive version for your low-budget productions. Setting your camera on a tripod or boom levels out the quality of your films and makes it less of an amateur video production.
  • Incorporate Technology
    Depending on your storyline, you can incorporate videos taken from cellphones and CCTVs to have in-depth inclusion of your story’s sources. You can even use a drone for wide angle or pan shots of an area that you are including in your storyline. Your audience likes movement and fluidity in the videos they are watching. Try and eliminate anything that is stiff and monotonous in your video production.
  • Focus On Framing
    When you have an interview setup for your video production where you will only show the interviewee, follow the rule of thirds to have angles that separate the person from the background in a more creative way as compared to having a centered framing of your camera for that interview scene. Also adjust your camera’s focus so you will obtain sharp images on your videos.
  • Choose Readable Texts
    Aside from readable font captions, use readable videotexts and colors that you need to add on your video clips. Your viewers do not need the distraction from a confusing text and its color when they are already engaged in the video. Have a unified theme and presentation of thought.
  • Have Clear Dialogue
    Have clear speaking lines and simple phrases for your subjects to read out to keep the thought of your video flowing and understandable. Avoid using big words and jargons that do not get explained in your videos so your viewers can playback your videos for reference and learning
  • Touch Emotions
    For some of your video productions, create ones that will touch the souls and hearts of your audience so they can relate well with the brand and video message that you are implying. Viewers like feel-good videos and those that evoke emotions, as well as educational or instructional ones. It justifies their belief that the time they invest in watching these videos are times that will increase their knowledge to benefit them.

The great thing about video production is that it is flexible and more engaging. Two or more people watching the same video on their friend’s cellphone can share that viewing experience in one environment. With your creative concepts that make your video interesting and worth watching, people will always have something to talk about that will connect them with the people who matter most to them.

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