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Ever since the first raft was invented, man has sought ways to conquer the uncharted territory of water bodies. From lakes, rivers, oceans and seas, there are a variety of vehicles created to maneuver through such aquatic surfaces, whether the purpose is for sports, recreation, travel or work.

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Since water is not man’s natural home, there are many dangers encountered when diving into it, even while riding on water vehicles such as:

  • Canoes
  • Small un-motorized boats
  • Sail boats
  • Submersibles
  • Jet skis
  • Yachts

With several more people acquiring watercrafts each year, it is important that insurance companies such as your insurance agency ease the burdens of these water vehicle owners by making sure their assets are protected through water vehicle insurance, more commonly known as boat insurance. It takes a large amount of cash to acquire a watercraft, much more to repair it in case of damages. Some people are even unfortunate enough to lose their water vehicle altogether in hostile weather without a single dime left to them.

Luckily, they can still turn to insurance agencies for protection. For the most part, they will need policies which can cover them in case of:

  • Theft, loss or damage of the vehicle and attached equipment
  • Bodily injury to the water vehicle’s occupants, be it the owner or passengers
  • Damage caused to someone else’s property by their water vehicle

It is natural for people to look at more than one insurance agency to know which one they can get the best coverage. You can help ease their insurance shopping by putting up your information online, that is, on the internet.

There are several ways to guarantee that potential clients can find your insurance company information:

  • Put your company info in search sites or classified ads sites
  • Put ads about your company in other websites
  • Create your own website

Of the three given examples, it is highly recommended that you build your own website. This will make for easy searching and recall for customers, especially if you have your own domain ( and will establish your company’s credibility. However, if you’re not an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, or creating web graphics, website designs and layouts, then it is unlikely your website will appeal to your target audience. You can, of course, hire the expertise of web development providers who can create the website for you, but more often than not, this comes at high costs.

This is where Proweaver comes in. We are a leading web development service provider in many states and numerous insurance companies offering water vehicle insurance. Unlike other similar companies, Proweaver only charges a one-time fee for the website design service. With us, website projects leave the dock and start off with a free website design consultation over the phone.

The process starts with you choosing from three custom-made lay-outs, free of charge. Once you pick a layout and show enough interest in pursuing the project, you can make an affordable commitment fee half the full price, with the rest of the cost payable once the website is up and running, which is usually in a mere few days after you get started. When we say affordable, we really mean it to be affordable. You spend a minimal cost to have your own insurance agency website built. In general, our website projects last two weeks maximum and maybe even cover lesser time if you already have your company information ready to be uploaded to the website. The commitment fee will help back up the manpower already utilized in the first stages of your website’s creation.

If you wish to pick another layout or would like to make a few changes in the information, images, or any of the website’s content, just say the word and Proweaver will work on it for you. You will be in constant contact with our approachable customer service representatives, who will then relay your instructions to our teams of web layout artists, web programmers, and web content writers.

We leave the shore – marketing your water vehicle insurance to your customers. Here at Proweaver, we work not just as a team of experts, but as one entity that can serve as the middle man between your insurance company and many water vehicle owners through the creation of your online home. Come and launch your official website with us. You can sail your insurance agency where it can safely stay afloat brining many private individuals the water vehicle insurance they need.