What Will Web Development Be Like in 50 Years?

What Will Web Development Be Like in 50 Years?

What Will Web Development Be Like in 50 Years?

Change is the only thing constant in this world, especially when it comes to technology. Like how there are new phone models released each year, we see changes in technology just as regularly. It’s difficult to predict what’s in store for us in the next 50 years but one thing is for sure: technology is going to change at least 50 times bigger by that time. For now, we can only access websites through mobile and computer devices and we only see texts, videos, and images in our regular use. Also, currently, only major transactions are done online. But in the next 50 years? Your imagination is the limit. Here are some of the most common predictions about what web development will be like in the next 50 years based on the advanced technology we experience now:

A website with multiple languages
You may be aware that a multilingual site could have multiple developers or translators behind it. This means that a multi-lingual website today costs so much more than a regular website. However, the evolution of the internet and web development could definitely change that game. While we all know that Google Translate, and any other free translation applications in the web, renders the epitome of “lost in translation” most of the time, it’s safe to say that website applications today are dramatically getting smarter and smarter in translating words, phrases, and sentences. In a few more years, these translation applications may be able to provide accurate translations for any kinds of language in a website. This is a significant change, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners, as reaching out to an audience on the other side of the world can get really simpler and easier.

Audio Surfing is highly possible
Accessibility to modern technology is continuously improving and enhancing. Voice technology, for example, is making the web and mobile technology accessible even for the visually-impaired. The text-to-speech application has been around ever since the earliest era of mobile technology. And now, we have built-in applications like Siri and Cortana to give us anything we need through voice commands. Voice technology is also used now in various search engines. We also can’t ignore the fact that devices are getting smaller and smaller. In fact, internet can now be accessed through a “smart watch” with a tiny, little screen. This means that texts on a screen will matter significantly less in the future and we are probably going to experience reading an article or an ebook through a perfect human-like voice from our smart devices.

Web will be accessible through any device
It’s incredible how internet technology is integrated into almost any device these days. In other words, we are already experiencing the so-called “Internet of Things” technology. The internet technology is now integrated into common household items such as thermostat systems, electric plugs, bicycles, washing machines, and even refrigerators. For now, the internet integrated into these devices is used to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of these devices. In more years to come, we might be browsing web applications on a refrigerator door and, perhaps, even on our cutting boards.

Software and web industry will have grown tremendously
Currently, almost any transaction we could ever do has its corresponding web application. Even businesses, big or small, have a website of their own and are shifting to digital marketing. Now, custom web development services, like what we specialize at Proweaver, develop custom designed websites for anything and anyone – website design for doctors, website design for ecommerce, and many other web design services. This is because of the fact that internet technology is practically everywhere in this era and people are spending more time online than ever before. If more than half of the transactions and daily life activities are done online today, in the next 50 years, everything you can imagine about the evolution of internet could definitely come true.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology
Not a lot of people were a big fan of the infamous game, Pokemon Go. However, it’s a testament to how far digital technology has come and will become in the years to come. Back in the days, it was a game that was played on a black-and-white screen of a Gameboy and now it has resurrected into our mobile phones and is integrated with the latest technology. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology are now done in gaming applications and will probably hit the web development industry as well. Even Facebook, the most commonly used web application, with billions of users in the world, are looking into integrating VR technology in the future. In the next 50 years, watching digital images and clicking buttons on the air, exactly like what we see in Sci-Fi movies, will definitely happen.

AWeb will be part of our daily lives
Nowadays, socializing – making and communicating with friends – are done online. Watching movies and catching up on our favorite television shows can be done online. Even paying bills and debts are done online. Ordering groceries can also be done online. So, what’s left? In the next 50 years, there will probably be nothing in this world that can’t be accomplished using the internet, and the web and digital technology will be a part of all our daily living activities.

While what’s going to happen in the next 50 years are still limited to our imaginations, catching up to the latest web technology is absolutely doable. Start with integrating web and digital technology into your personal life and livelihood. For example, if you own even a small business, why not get your own website to maximize its exposure and interact with your potential customers online? If you don’t have the skills for it, at Proweaver, we have a competent team of professional web designers and developers, as well as digital marketers, to help you start out on your online venture. Begin by visiting our website at www.proweaver.com to get your free website layouts now.

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