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A Website for your Growing Business


With the age of the 21st century, surely 9 out of 10 individuals have visited a website at least once in their life. Many even have their own favorites – be it a celebrity gossip site, a shop stop for all the quirks your money can afford, and even the popular, and beloved social-networking sensation, Facebook. In this ever-pacing, continuously evolving world of commerce today, a budding business does not cease to be an exception to the multitude of e-commerce legends.

Just how critical is it to come up with your own website?
There’s only one word to say, and oh, it’s critical.

Surprisingly enough, only 6% of the world have their own business sites. It’s high time you start building a bandwagon.

Here are some tips on HOW to start your own business online and more importantly WHY it’s about time you should.

1.) Top-flight and easy

Say it’s 10 o’clock at night and you’re feeling up to buying a new brand of cologne before bedtime. Unluckily, all the stores are closed. But fortunate enough, you have internet connection. If you were in the shoes of a perfume shop owner whose customized website is up and running, then yay for you. You just shot another penny to the piggy bank. A new purchase is only a click away.

Investing capital for your business website is the quickest way to compel new buyers. First of all, it makes a great first impression. With a custom web design, you can display pages upon pages of products and services you have to offer – but mind to make sure they have clear and crisp visuals. It’s been proven way too many times just how much an image can impact the viewer. Come to grasp you’re not only attracting eyes locally, but globally too. A website is so convenient because it enables you to display your business at any time of the day, and in any area of the world from Kansas to Kinshasa.

Not only do websites make it faster and more efficient, it brings out a ravishing, and personalized design created by web designers that are able to provide the right look, feel and perfectly fabricate your business. Tell me, was there a need to stop by the mall in the first place?

Have you noticed that people are eyeing their mobile apps increasingly to check services and information all around the internet almost every hour of the day. It’s not just the computer who’s the big man anymore, mobile phones are coming out victorious. Already, almost 95% of Smartphone users find businesses locally through the use of mobile internet. This makes it an un-daunting opportunity for your business if you just know where to target your market properly, and position yourself wisely.
Research has indicated that with your own personalized business website, your company can grow up to 46 times than those who have none. Customer service is improved a great deal too because now, customers themselves have access to all the details of every product there is in front of their eyes. No questions asked, no complaints recorded on tape. They can acquire access to technical support solutions, and satisfaction is met once again.

2.) Capturing and innovation

The most important thing about business is consumerism. Without the customers, it’s as good as zilch. If you want to start a soon-to-boom business now, why not put the hook, line, and sinker towards custom web design? And hey, Proweaver Web Design’s mock-ups are free. Like they say, they’ve heard it through the grapevine, and what’s in the grapevine? Grapes and even more grapes…we can name referrals.

With a website can come a mailing list. According to Michael Masterson, a well-known business guru, and author of notable commerce guide Seven Figures in Seven Years, an email list is the most valuable tool a small businessperson has. Gather up your mast of potentials, or just about anyone who’s ever inquired about your business and send, send send! News of products and services that have come to develop, sprouting merchandise, discounts, and offers – you name it. Don’t just settle for the ones that are a hit, but add even more to the hot list. Create products that are friendly to the pocket.

Establishing a good relationship with your customer is also another thing, you can incorporate pages for reviews and interaction – and that means the more they like your products, the better it hits. Providing links for fill out forms and surveys are such examples. And hey why not engage social-networking hives such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in the mix? Relate anything under the sun to nurture your business, show samples or portfolios for other clients to baffle on. Be mindful of your design and make sure to merge it with your products as strategically as possible if you want your business to generate growing profits. Add sources that credit your company, offer several discounts, write articles that appeal to the audiences you are trying to lure.

And what about immediate sales? With the pay by credit card or PayPal features, you don’t have to fret about bargains, shoplifting or payment delays. With a webpage, you can conquer just about anything. Unlimited space and time: for as how long you want to go on in introduction or blog. No longer do you have to spend hours on the phone looking for opportunities that are only 50/50, and it’s certainly less costly compared to posting an ad in the Yellow Pages. More strategically, having a website as your employee costs less than actually having to provide for staff, their insurance, rent, and heaters or air-conditioning.

3.) Grow, grow, grow!

If that doesn’t do it, you can take the other route by advertising your business in the local magazine or paper, run small ads…try anything, you’re sure to find something inexpensive that works. But why not just turn to custom web design altogether?

With Proweaver, it’ll only cost you a minimal one-time investment for a full-fledged website you can already call your own, plus packed with excellent features. After a whole year running and you opt for maintenance after its initial launch, we charge a very affordable annual amount paired with super friendly client-care representatives who are always ready to assist you. Many custom web design companies can ask for more – but Proweaver gives you the best and most affordable rates so you can finally establish roots for your business and grow your market.

If you already have a lead, then stick to that lead. It’s important to gain control of a niche market. Find an outlet, an edge, anything that makes you stand out. Extend your reach market-wise, diversify your offers, but be mindful to contain your costs at all times. Franchise, export, whatever it takes! As the popular saying goes, in the end, it’s all worth it.

With an ever-expanding market internationally, greater heights can be met and fully achieved if you know where to sow the sprout-yearning seeds. Start sowing with a Proweaver-made website today!