What Experts Are Saying About Digital Marketing

What Experts Are Saying About Digital Marketing

What Experts Are Saying About Digital Marketing

In the past few years, we have seen how technology has influenced the innovation of the digital marketing world. The world has seen various marketing strategies using the modern technology, such as podcasts, email blasting, social media marketing, websites, among many others. In 2017, digital marketing continues to grow and expand. Even small and medium companies nowadays hire web design services to develop functional and captivating ecommerce website design for their company and to expand their audience in the digital world. In short, digital marketing is the real deal and almost all companies today have either started in or shifted to this latest marketing trend. This significant shift isn’t purely based on theory. Even marketing experts agree that digital marketing is taking over the world and is taking marketing to the next level. Here are some of the things experts have to say about digital marketing:

  • Brands with online exposure are more successful
    How is this possible? Simple. Now that people have experienced the convenience of using online platforms and tools, it’s almost too difficult to go back to the traditional ways of doing things. For example, shopping for things – instead of spending at least half a day to go window shopping, people with not a lot of time in their hands can simply dedicate an hour of their time to browse the products they want online, pay for things with just a few clicks, and have their items delivered to them at home. Because of that, people would prefer to shop and make transactions online instead of in a physical store or establishment, unless they have too much time to kill. For this reason, companies who are selling their products or services online have more chances of taking in new customers than those who don’t.
  • Visual contents are raking in the most traffic
    It’s not a secret that customers prefer to see, rather than hear, about the products or services they want to get. Sure, radio promotions, for example, have worked before but, with the advancement of digital marketing, people are seeing more visually-appealing images, aesthetically-pleasing websites, and creative videos from various brands and, obviously, these things are more preferable for them. That’s why advertisements and posts on Facebook with attractive images get more attention, and this becomes a challenge for professional web designers to be more creative with their website designs.
  • Video marketing is getting even more popular
    Gone are the days that online video-sharing platforms are only used to share movies, music videos, or funny and unforgettable memories. Did you notice how most of the video contents we see in social media and multimedia platforms these days are advertising something – whether it’s a brand, product, or service? Sure, infographics and blogs are still some of the most popular choices for content marketing. However, people who either have low attention span, not a big fan of reading more than a short paragraph, or are just more into visuals, would be engaged better if they’re seeing a creative video than being asked to read about a lengthy, albeit informative, blog.
  • Social media is still the best long-term marketing platform
    Around 90% of people’s time spent online is dedicated to checking and scrolling through their social media accounts. Besides, almost all people who have access to the internet today have accounts on at least one social networking site, such as Facebook or Twitter. This is why social media marketing has become the leading marketing strategy in the past few years until today and, presumably, in more years to come. In social media, expanding your brand is as easy as clicking “like” and “share” on posts and videos. With posts that are relevant to your brand and creative contents that appeal to your demographic, you will definitely rake in more subscribers and potential customers to your brand.
  • Content marketing continues to grow
    It’s no secret that most people get their information from the internet. Companies take advantage of that by developing creative contents, such as blogs and infographics, that are relevant to the products and services they are offering. This marketing strategy not only helps the audience become more familiar with the brand but also for the company to gain their audience’s trust and approval. However, the content alone, no matter how creative or brilliant, isn’t the only thing that matters. It’s how the contents are distributed and made accessible to the target audience. It’s not just enough that you post your content on your company’s own website. What matters most is how your contents reach out to your target audience. So, aside from focusing on informative and captivating contents, you should also invest in various marketing platforms, such as social media marketing, SEO marketing, and e-mail blasting, to spread your contents and increase your conversion rates.
  • People trust brands with websites than those who don’t
    It’s not enough that you have a Facebook page to post and spread your digital marketing contents. You also need to make getting to know your brand easier and more convenient for your potential customers. That’s why having a website is practically essential for every company today that aims for continuous growth. People have this preconceived notion that a company with a working website is more legitimate and popular. Besides, through your website, your customers will be able to connect with you, get to know your brand, and address their concerns, anytime and anywhere, without having to wait for your office hours to personally visit or call you. It is basically a 24/7 marketing for your company and converts more audience and higher Return on Investment.

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