7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your 2018

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your 2018


Different companies are embracing a variety of innovations in digital marketing. This is mostly due to the power of the Internet, having millions, even billions of users online every second of every day. The Internet enables them to conveniently shop online, pay bills online, and even communicate with their loved ones who may be physically far away.

You have to understand that your consumers’ needs are ever-changing. It is crucial that your business can keep up with such challenges. You have to be on the lookout as to which digital marketing trends are out there and which ones your business can really use. If your business is slow enough to catch on, by the time you use such trends, they may have already been considered stale, thereby providing you with minimal benefits.

So, what are the digital marketing trends that will shape your 2018 in some way? Check out the list below.

  1. The role of mobile devices

    Using mobile devices is steadily becoming the top means of accessing various custom designed websites on the Internet. Such device is compact and handy, making it the top preference for many users when they do online activities like online shopping, online payments, and online communications. As the year goes on, your business will benefit from capitalizing on this trend.

  2. Teaming up with social media influencers

    A lot of social media influencers have a large following. If you find a social media influencer mostly creating content within the industry you belong to, take the chance to team up with them. Make sure to team up with someone who really fits with your brand as most consumers can already sense forced promotions.

  3. Advertising through videos

    Videos typically attract more users and gain the attention of many people. Millions of people prefer to watch videos than reading blocks of texts. For this matter, advertising your products or services through videos on social media can greatly help your marketing efforts. Also, most users view videos on their phones so you have to be ready to make your custom ecommerce website mobile-compatible.

  4. Interactive content

    As videos are generally preferred by most online users than just plain blocks of texts, engaging users will require the use of interactive content. You don’t have to use videos all the time, though. Other forms of interactive content are also available. These include polls and quizzes, among others.

  5. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

    Using chatbots driven by artificial intelligence offers speed and convenience. Consumers can use the chatbots to ask questions they are programmed to answer. However, most consumers would prefer to chat with a human face, not an avatar. So, you may have to be ready for the costs involved in incorporating human-looking chatbots to your custom website design.

  6. Strengthening website security

    More and more users are now realizing the dangers of unsecured insurance web design, especially for those who are trying to check their insurance details online. Securing your website through the use of SSL layer technology should be a top priority for your design team. Make sure to strengthen website security for customers’ peace of mind and improve consumer trust.

  7. User-generated content

    Lots of online visitors rely on the opinions, feedback and testimonials of other consumers than those paid actors in commercials. The trend of incorporating user-generated content can help your business boost your sales. Try adding several testimonials and reviews, real ones, to your website which users can read and use.

    1. 7-Digital-Marketing-Trends-That-Will-Shape-Your-2018

      Digital marketing is constantly evolving. We may have seen some of these trends already in use in other companies. But, improvements can still be made. It is important that you know which trend best fits your company for a better rate of success. Proweaver can help you with various digital marketing services. Call us today!

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