Catch Your Viewers’ Attention: Make An Eye-Catching Video

Because technology is evolving so rapidly, sometimes, we cannot even hope to catch up with it. Technology has already literally taken over the world. Not a day passes without us using our smartphones or tablets. We’ve become so attached to it that we never put it away for even just a few minutes. Staying connected seems so important now.

It’s not like it is a bad thing. But we also cannot deny the fact that because we have become so dependent on it, our lifestyle has also changed. Since everything comes so instantly to us these days, our patience grows shorter and shorter too. As business owners, you have no choice but to catch the customer’s attention in any way possible.

This exactly is the reason why making an eye-catching video is extremely important. The first few seconds of your client’s attention span could either make or break everything else that follows. Not to fret, it’s not like you need rocket science for this. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be producing awesome videos in no time at all.

The very first thing you have to do is organize your thoughts. How do you want it to look like? What is the purpose of making this video? Everything that’s going to happen later is totally reliant on this first step. Messing this up can seriously jeopardize the rest of your plan. So before working on anything, figure out what you want first.

After organizing your thoughts, you may now make a formal plan for everything. This includes the schedule to be followed, the items you need for this video, people behind the camera and computer, and so much more. This probably is one of the hardest parts of the production. See to it that every detail is correct and specific.

Up next is hiring the right people for the job. You can either work closely with them to personalize all the details or you can just pay them to do the job for you. Either way, finding capable people for this task is absolutely crucial. Of course, you wouldn’t want to post something on your website that will only give you negative feedback.

As an entrepreneur, you only want what’s best for your growing empire. Unfortunately, there are times when we have to make do with what we have. Hiring an A-list production team for your video sounds great, but it would also take up most, if not all of your budget. Keep searching. There are companies out there who offer high-quality services at affordable prices.

With that being said, Proweaver, Inc. is the answer to your problem. We produce videos of excellent quality with prices that are within your budget’s reach. The best part is we can have it made for you in just a few days. Talk about getting everything you ever wanted in just one place! Let us help you establish your presence through the videos we’ll create.

Promotional Videos: Your Business’ Competitive Edge

New trends are being developed over time to promote one’s business. To say that a company must keep up with these trends is an understatement. One of these is having an online presence. Nowadays, online presence is regarded as a must-have not just in the business world but also in different fields. In this Digital Age, establishing an online presence is a great asset to your business and one of the ways to achieve this is through having a promotional video.

A promotional video is a useful tool in advertising a brand, product or service. It is effective and easy to spread across the globe through gadgets or the Internet in a matter of seconds. Considering that the main objective of every enterprise is to be the people’s first choice, a promotional video gives a company a competitive edge among others. So, how does a promotional video do this?

1. It quickly delivers the message.

Many people would prefer watching a video about a certain product or service compared to reading about it since the amount of information it can display in a second outweighs the amount of information that is read in a text. Aside from being a great tool for learning, a video is also very easy to understand especially by people who don’t have time to read long contents.

2.It can be placed on numerous web platforms.

A promotional video can be placed on different web platforms. Aside from the company’s own website, it can be posted on a video platform (e.g. YouTube) and other social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). By posting promotional videos on these popular sites, a company reaches a lot of people and increases brand recognition.

3.It is given a high rank by most search engines.

Google favors video content and will rank it much higher than a blog post. It means that a well-optimized video can get your brand on the first page of Google’s search engine results page in a short amount of time.

4.It fosters trust.

Trust is one of the main foundations of long-term businesses. Through a promotional video, a company can provide interesting and relevant information which the consumers need. This gives them the confidence to avail of the products or services offered by it.

Promotional videos are now becoming more affordable and widespread because of technological advancements. Many companies progressed by using tools like promotional videos. Start your own journey towards success through establishing your online presence.

If you are interested in having your own promotional video, then avail now of the services of Proweaver, Inc. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will provide not just one but three quality videos for you. We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

5 Promotional Video Strategies for Businesses

The world is full of endless possibilities for businesses. With the upsurge in the internet usage, various digital media emerge. Along with this is the discovery of new strategies over time to come up with efficient medium to promote products or services. There are a lot of aspects to be named in the business industry so as to streamlined its promotional efforts to different target markets. And leveraging the internet paved the way for businesses to successfully market their products and services across the globe.

One of the breakthroughs found is the use of promotional videos for businesses. Enumerating the benefits of creating promotional videos for one’s business could be endless. However, certain tactics must be reckoned in order to come up with positive results.

To give you insights in creating an effective video for your business, we list a few strategies to help you out.

Consider the attention span of the audience

Studies show that there’s just a less attention span of the audience in watching a promotional video. It is said that two-minute commercial videos generate lesser audience compared to reduced length. So, it is ideal to have a short commercial length time for videos. It is recommended to create videos with a length that does not exceed 90 seconds. Finding ways to limit the time can help you maximize results.

Come up a video design that suits your business

Making a video for your business is not as easy as you thought would be. There are a lot of aspects to consider, especially its design. You cannot just go on with what you personally preferred. You have to make sure to create a design which is professional and would suit what your business is all about. For instance, if your business is all about food, you need to mix up designs which are ‘appetizing’ to look at in a creative way. You also have to ensure that your design goes with your content. Remember that the video design is one of the factors that would entice the audience.

Be more functional with your quality content

Quality content fosters the effectivity of your video. Step up your game plan and sway your viewers with what your business has to say. Offbeat ideas can go a long way. However, you have to make your content concise, straight to the point and at the same time would leave a mark on the audience after watching it. You should also take into account the nature of your business in writing your video content. You can have funny topics or ideas, but these may not be applicable to hospice services. You can create adult content, yet may not be appropriate for child care businesses. Whatever your content may be, you must consider the functionality of your content to attract more audience.

Explore your creativity

Promotional videos may sound like you need to accord with formality. You may think you must create this kind of video considering a lot of limitations. But those limitations pertain to the consistency of your promotional video with your business. Creativity in making videos, on the other hand, pertains to the transition, the animation, the color scheme and so on. You can have a playful effect, you can also prefer elegance; the craft is all yours. There are different styles for a promotional video to choose from. You can have infographic, screencast, 2D animation, 2.5D animation, 3D animation, live action, live stop motion, digital stop motion or whiteboard phone/ tablet app. However, it’s practical to choose which would be within your budget’s reach. After all, whatever video type it is, creativity is a key to making your video effective.

Find a popular platform to upload your promotional video

After creating your promotional video, you might be confused where to upload it. Well, considering the widespread use of social media nowadays, you would have a grasp of the potential platforms where to upload your video. If your business has accounts in these popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc., then you’re good to go to upload your promotional videos for the audience to watch. Having your videos shared to different viewers in social media will help drive a lot more traffic to your website, and will thereby create a buzz about your business. You can also upload your video on YouTube or on your website. This is also a great way to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you want to have promotional videos for your business, you can seek the help from experts at Proweaver, Inc. We are a digital marketing company partnering with businesses to boost their presence in the online world. Browse through our website now and see the list of our services you can benefit from. Take your business to a notch higher now with our help.

3 Facts About Video Contents In 2017

The impact of using video contents in business strategy went ballistic in the year 2016 and in the first quarter of 2017. A big number of business people has already joined the bandwagon of creating video contents. However, the question on how relevant a video content is in promoting business awareness is still a big question among business marketers.

Can a video really help to get potential customers? How large is the market that can be reached by video contents? Well, questions like these will always arise anytime, so we need to look for facts instead of wondering about what is really happening in the world of video contents in 2017.

1.About 96% of marketers invested in video contents in 2016. This is based on a study conducted by Brite Content, Inc. The said company is using smart video marketing automation platform to empower marketers in promoting videos for their companies.

Whether you believe it or not, the result of the study shows that using promotional video contents to boost business awareness is not a wishful thinking, it is backed up with facts. 96% of marketers will not invest if they don’t expect a great result.

2.4X of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. The Animoto survey, which is the source of the study, also adds that 7 billion videos are watched each and every day on Facebook and YouTube.

Does the study mean that written content is already obsolete? No. The demand for written content is still high. It is just saying that people nowadays are adding interest on visual contents than ever before. This is an opportunity then for marketers, especially small businesses, to promote their products and services through video contents which can really reach a large market.

3.More than 60% of marketers and small business owners plan to increase investment in video marketing in 2017. Brite Content, Inc. and Animoto have the same result on this survey. This study is also quoted by Hubspot. What does that mean then? It clearly presents an idea that you will be left behind if you will not join this large number of business people who will invest in video contents this year.

Why do you think business people, big or small, plan to invest in a video if this will be a loss for them? We believe that the reason for this is because they have really seen the great impact that video contents are doing on promoting business awareness.

If it happens that you will choose to venture the world of promotional video, you should find a partner that can help you create and manage your video content. You need a company that you can trust, a company that knows the situation of the video industry, and a company that will treat you not only as a client but also as a partner.

Proweaver, Inc. is a custom web design company that has already eleven years of experience in the digital marketing industry. We don’t just create a quality website. We also provide affordable and quality video contents to help you promote your business. If you want to know more about our services, talk to our dedicated customer service team now with any of these numbers: 949-864-6021, 949-390-9744, 949-468-5583, 949-783-9864. We are more than happy to hearing from you soon.

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