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Case Study CarePoint Home, Inc.

Providing the Best Home-Like Patient Care for a Better Life

Industry: Group Home
CarePoint Home, Inc. web design


Empowering Loved Ones and Families How We Helped CarePoint Enhance Their Brand

According to the NCBI, there are over 39.5 million Americans who are over the age of 65, but only 4.5% percent of this population resides in nursing or group homes. There are various factors that hinder seniors from living in an ideal group home, and this includes financial security, bereavement, as well as physical and mental health. CarePoint Home, Inc. sees this as an opportunity to provide complete care that is not only compassionate and dependable, but is also cost-effective.

CarePoint Home, Inc. mobile view in landscape mode

Creating an opportunity for CarePoint Home, Inc. to address the ever-changing needs of seniors and their families.

CarePoint Home, Inc. web design desktop view

The Solution Our role is to create a great digital experience for CarePoint to market their brand online.

CarePoint Home, Inc. continues to provide and answer its promise to its residents: to provide home-like patient care like no other. They aim to serve more residents to achieve a fulfilling life in a conducive group home. With our custom website, we’ve made their goal possible.

CarePoint Home, Inc. web design desktop and mobile view

ResultsCarePoint Home, Inc.’s group home has catered to various families and has been in good relations with them ever since. We guarantee that all of our clients are satisfied and happy with our digital solutions.

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