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Case Study Children For Change International

This project was initiated to help Children For Change International reach more people through their mission.

Industry: Non-Profit Organization
Children For Change Internatinal website layout in desktop and mobile view


The goal of this website is to create a functional, interactive, appealing, and informative platform.

As a non-profit organization, the greatest challenge faced by Children For Change International is generating funds to conduct their projects. As such, they need a platform where people can learn more about their projects and donate to their missions. They need this work done at a price that won’t break the bank. Good thing Proweaver got their back.

Children For Change Internatinal logo and flyers

We create great digital experiences through strategic thinking and smart design.

Donate page of Children For Change Internatinal website layout in desktop view

The Solution A custom website designed according to the needs and specifications of Children For Change International.

In the cyberspace, your website is your identity. Through our experience and expertise, we have identified the functions and features needed to create a highly functional platform. By integrating online forms, creating informative content, and delivering an attractive design, we held up our end of the bargain and provided the client with a website that effectively targets their organization’s needs.

bottom section of Children For Change Internatinal website layout in desktop view

Results A mix of functionality, class, professionalism, and pure genius. We have created a website that successfully tackles and even goes beyond the project objectives.

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