The Next Generation of Custom Web Design

The Next Generation of Custom Web Design

The Next Generation of Custom Web Design

The Internet allows companies to communicate with their customers and target markets. The most basic thing to start with when it comes to Internet marketing is a customized website, such as a website design for doctors. Customizing the website according to the industry that a company is involved in will help potential leads find it easily.

Designing a website is more than just the layout. There are a lot of things being done behind the page that you see on your screen. Thankfully, there are lots of tools that can be used to make designing websites better and easier. The following trends will be the next generation of custom web design.

Large Fonts

Of course, you want your website to make a statement. You want to catch the attention of online visitors. One way to do this is to make use of large fonts for your website. The bigger and bolder the font, the better. The size of the fonts provides clarity to your message.

Stock Photos

A lot of companies use stock photos for their websites to add aesthetics to the visuals of their pages. In most cases, these stock photos only offer limited images. You might see the same images being used by multiple websites.

The future is promising for stock photos, though. Nowadays, free photos that are being contributed by different photographers are already being used in designing websites. These photos are not the typical ones that you see. Instead, they offer more depth, creativity, and meaning to the pages.

Scalable Vector Graphics

One of the most important images that you need to have on your website is your company logo. The logo helps your target market know they are accessing a website you own and they are doing business with you.

In the past, images that are used in web pages typically range from .png, .bmp or .jpg files. While these can give you the pictures that you need, the disadvantage lies in the resolution. These files can get pixelated when being zoomed in. Zooming in is necessary especially when designing websites that will be compatible with laptops and mobile phones. Pixelated images are definitely not nice to look at.

With scalable vector graphics or .svg files, you will not have to worry about pixelated images anymore. No matter what resolution an image will be in, the quality stays the same. While scalable vector graphics are already being utilized today, they will grow bigger in the years to come.

Videos and Sounds

Most online users prefer watching videos than reading texts. They are most likely to click content with videos than paragraphs. Of course, they also want to hear applicable sounds from these videos.

However, online users also do not want to spend time going through the entire videos. They may have already seen them or are not interested. It is important that they have options available to pause or stop the videos if they do not want to continue viewing them.

The same also goes with websites that utilize sounds. Not all users are thrilled to hear sounds when looking at homepages. Make sure that the options for pause or stop are there for them to easily click on.


Duotones is a color style that only involves two hues. There may be variants of shades present but they primarily focus on two colors only. Although this color style is not a new trend, it offers a refreshing and creative look to a web page. With the right color combination, it can be aesthetically pleasing and attractive for online users. If you opt for duotones for your own website, make sure to select two colors that complement well with each other to avoid a disaster.

The Use of Gradients

Gradients have been used in the past. They have been used to bring richness to the colors used in the websites, especially in the backgrounds. Despite such richness, they still present a minimalist feeling to the page. Nowadays, gradients are making their comeback due to these same reasons.

Designing custom websites can get a lot better with various tools available out there. Proweaver always checks on the latest trends to ensure that our clients are also getting the benefits that these trends can bring. If you are ready to take advantage of our affordable web design services, visit today!

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