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Why do you need to choose custom web design over a template? Why do you need to have a website for your business in the first place? We have answered these questions in the two separate articles below.

In the fast-growing age of the digital world, you will be left behind if you haven’t had a website for your business yet. Whatever the type and size of your business, it is important that you have an established online presence.

You might ask: How to create a website? How much does it cost? How long does it take before it will be launched? Well, Google can give you various answers for that depending on what source you’ve landed on your internet search. You’ll still find out that custom web design is the answer to those questions.

When you decide to create a website, it is essential that you will partner with a company that offers dependable, fast, and affordable services. At Proweaver, we have already been consistently meeting our client’s demands for over 12 years. From small to medium size businesses, we have built innovative online success together with our partners from different types of businesses, such as:

You can never go wrong in choosing a company with a solid and reliable track record of building successful website design customized to the specific needs of the clients.


You might be wondering: “How to get more people to my business?” “Where am I going to get them?” and “How am I going to introduce my company to them?” Yes, that’s the three simple, practical questions that you should ask. But the thing is, do these people already know that you exist? Think of that for a while. Scrap all the first three questions and think of the last question. Do the people that you want to buy your products and services already know your presence in the market?

Your answer might be a big YES because you’ve already done the traditional way of promoting and advertising your business. And lucky enough, you don’t only give flyers and brochures, but you also have the chance to have a spot on a big billboard, on the radio, and on TV. Well, if you are a small business, that might be far from the truth. Even if it is true, that might not be enough or you might have broken the bank with no significant ROI.

Today is the right time for you to consider creating a website for your small business. The question now is, why you need to have a website?

People Spend More Time on the Web

As of January 2018, a statistics shows that there are already 3,812,564,450 internet users. Useful information? Well, if your market is global, it is a valuable number to take note of. However, if you’re a small business, the data does not really make sense. So, to narrow it down, the United States has already 326,625,791 active users. Satisfied? Well, the figure is presenting the fact that most people nowadays are using the internet to decide what to buy and where to get it. Now you know what pushes businesses to go online, get social, be where the people are, and boost brand awareness.

A Website Builds Trust to Your Business

Your custom web design will give more credibility to your business. Your current clients and potential customers are already expecting you to have your own website as they are expecting you to have a real physical business address. You should be aware that if you can’t be found online, your customers might go to your competitor instead.

A Website Provides Engagement

The greatest innovation of online marketing is that it does not only boost your brand awareness, but it also helps you to have more engagement with your customer. The World Wide Web is a two-way communication process. You’re not only the one who does the talking; you’re customers can now interact with you. Being a customer-centered business will give more advantage to your business than being passive or not being seen on the internet at all.

To sum it up, you need a website, especially a custom web design, because it is where customers spend more time to get information in their decision-making process; it will also give more legitimacy to your business; and, it is an innovative communication process from talking to your customer to talking with them.


Congratulations on making the decision to create a website! The fact is, you can make a website in two ways: you can do it yourself by using a ready-made template or you can ask a professional to do it for you through a custom web design.

Why are we encouraging you to choose the last one? The decision, after all, is yours but we want to show you the advantages of a custom web design.

You Can Personalize the Website

Nothing is more special than creating a design based on your goals and preferences. From the logo to the layout, color, images, typography, and content, you can completely customize everything to fit your company’s goal, culture, and personality. Your website will be your unique type of branding – your online identity that can build your business toward your expected success.

You Have a Support from Skilled Developers

You don’t already need to learn how to code yourself because professionals can do it for you while you are focusing on other significant aspects of your business. They are the ones to implement the accessibility, usability, and responsiveness of your custom web design. You don’t also need to worry about the control of navigating your site because you can always make changes to fit your preference. Experienced developers also know what new technology can be used for the security and longevity of your website.

Your Customer Will Feel Important

The most significant reason why you are creating a website is your own customers. With the help of the skilled designers and developers and as a customer-centered company yourself, your site will be created as a user-friendly platform from its aesthetic visual design to the interactive call-to-action forms and buttons. It will be ensured that through your website, with a relevant content on it, your clients will have an engaging online experience.

To ensure that your expectation will be fulfilled, you need to partner with an established company with more than a decade of serving small to medium-sized businesses like Proweaver. Together with our team of professionals, we can create a custom web design for your company that truly speaks your vision and your purpose. Rest assured that your decision and approval will be sought all throughout the process. With our fast, dependable, and affordable services, your website will be crafted with the goal to compel your target customers and put your vision into reality.

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